Step into a world where structures become stories, captured in the artistry of architectural photography.

Jonas - Orange Architecten by Flare Department

Our photography and video services are crafted to elevate the visual narrative of your architectural marvels, ensuring that every detail is not just captured but celebrated. Specialising in architecture photography, we recognise the transformative power of compelling visuals in showcasing the essence of your designs.

Our collaborative approach ensures that each photoshoot is a bespoke experience, perfectly aligned with your vision. We meticulously plan and execute photoshoots, showcasing your structures in a way that resonates with your audience and highlights your architectural brilliance.

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Visual Precision

We go beyond capturing images; we encapsulate the soul of your architectural designs. Our commitment to visual precision ensures that every photograph tells a compelling story, creating a lasting impact on those who experience your work.

Customised Solutions

Recognising the diverse nature of architectural projects, our services are adaptable to suit your unique needs. Whether it’s capturing the sleek lines of modern design or the timeless elegance of historical architecture, we tailor our approach accordingly.

Effective content

Our creative content should not only look great. It needs should get more clients through your (digital) door. And improve people’s perceptions of your brand. We create content that helps you achieve your goals.

Details that dazzle

Jonas by Orange Architecten Flare Department 1
Jonas by Orange Architecten Flare Department 3
Project Jonas in Amsterdam IJburg by Flare Department

Architecture photography rate card

An overview of our rates for Architecture photography. With our wide usage commercial license included.


On location

All in-house gear included

Wireless monitoring




Colour Grading

Basic Retouching

Flare's Signature Look


Per photo

Advanced retouching

Object Removal

Object Replacement

3D Rendering



* Prices shown are ex VAT and travel expenses. Flare's T&C's apply

Capture your space through expert photography and film

The Flare Department team

The Flare Story

We are a closely knit team of photographers and film makers committed to capturing spaces. We started our company by taking pictures of homes and offices for real estate agents. Now, it is our goal to become the leading interior photography & film company of the world. Learn more about us and how we work.

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